The 2017 Short Story America Prize competition featured numerous excellent short stories. Here are the Finalists and Honorable Mention selections, below. It was a sterling field of entries, many of which will be featured in Short Story America Volume Six of the Short Story America series. Congratulations to all the authors listed here!

PRIZES: FIRST PRIZE: $500 and publication in Short Story America, Volume 6. RUNNER-UP: $250 and publication in Short Story America, Volume 6. THIRD PRIZE: $125 and publication in Short Story America, Volume 6. All finalists will also be published in Short Story America, Volume 6. Up to twenty Honorable Mention selections will also be considered for publication in  Short Story America, Volume 6.

The WINNER of the 2017 SHORT STORY AMERICA PRIZE FOR SHORT FICTION: NANCY J. ALLEN of Dallas, TX, for her story, "Stolen Boy." Congratulations, Nancy!

SECOND PRIZE: GREGG CUSICK of Durham, NC, for his story, "The Ways Of Men." Congratulations, Gregg!

THIRD PRIZE (TIE): LAWRENCE BUENTELLO of San Antonio, Texas, for his story, "Children Of The Harvest Moon,"  and William A. Polf of Pittsboro, NC, for his story, "Banjo."
Congratulations, Lawrence and William!

"Alvarado" by Nancy J. Allen (Dallas, TX)
"An Empty House" by James Moss (Pittsburgh, PA)
"Bait" by Raymond Hutson (Spokane, WA)
"Banjo" by William Polf (Pittsboro, NC)
"Between, Georgia" by Estelle Ford-Williamson, (St. Helena, SC)
"Children Of The Harvest Moon" by Lawrence Buentello (San Antonio, TX)
"Letter From Effingham Jail" by Jon Tuttle (Florence, SC)
"Love Me Like You Used To" by Kathryn Brackett (Spartanburg, SC)
"This Is What We Do To Men" by Scott William Woods (Guilford, CT)
"Playtime" by Curtis James McConnell (Temple, TX)
"Stolen Boy" by Nancy J. Allen (Dallas, TX)
"The Signaturist" by Thomas Maurstad
"The Ways Of Men" by Gregg Cusick (Durham, NC)
"The Two Ninas" by Richard Hawley, (Ripton, VT)
"The Car Club" by Martin McCaw (Walla Walla, WA)
"A Sensitive Dependence On Initial Conditions" by Gregg Cusick (Durham, NC)
"Approaching Silence" by James Goertel (Rochester, NY)
"Tuesday At The Candy Store" by Nim Stevens (Phoenix, AZ)
"The Two-Dollar Fortune" by Beverly Jean Harris (Rumson, NJ)
"After The Eclipse" by Michele Coppola (Beaverton, OR)


"Eye Of The Vandal" by James D. McCallister (Columbia, SC)
"Red Labs" by Atwood Boyd (Wilmington, NC)
"River's Rising" by Garth Pettersen (Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada)
"On Oyster Island" by Stephanie Austin Edwards (Port Royal, SC)
"Tango-19" by John W. MacIlroy (Bluffton, SC)
"The Rock Of Peace" by Douglas Campbell (Point Marion, PA)
"The Dance" by Charlie Williams (Beaufort, SC)
"The Fire Within" by Fredrick Vincent-Omoike
"The Middle" by Atwood Boyd (Wilmington, NC)
"The Party Scene" by Sarah Gilligan
"Amy's Story" by Steven B. Rosenfeld (New York, NY)
"The River Bottom" by Robert Cates
"Violet Eyes" by Frank G. Schafer (Haddonfield, NJ)
"The Sunshine Boy" by Maggie Veness (Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia
"Visitors" by John Philipp (Sausalito, CA)
"Whalk" by Ja'Keris Porter (Okatie, SC)
"Peanuts And Rubies" by Katie Piccirillo Sherman (Charlotte, NC)
"Wanderlust" by Susan M. Pomerantz (Medford, NJ)
"Trailer Park Trash" by Susan M. Pomerantz (Medford, NJ)
"The Sainted Aunt" by Scott Archer Jones
"Shine On It" by Bob Mangeot (Franklin, TN)
"One Summer Almost Green" by Marianna Boncek (Woodstock, NY)
"New Puppy" by Ruth Rotkowitz (Peoria, AZ)
"Mountain Man" by Chuck Kramer (Chicago, IL)
"A Month Of Summer" by Gwen Goodkin (Cardiff, CA)
"As Revolutions Go" by John MacIlroy (Bluffton, SC)
"Aboard The California Zephyr" by Jacob G. Adams (Evansville, IN)
"Billy Saves The Planet" by John MacIlroy (Bluffton, SC)
"Garden For Loss" by Jan Bowman
"Rounding Third" by John Smistad (Olympia, WA)
"Hook Wounds" by Katie Piccirillo Sherman (Charlotte, NC)
"A Monkey Looks Better In A Spacesuit Anyway " by John MacIlroy (Bluffton, SC)
"Mr. Barzun Nails It" by John MacIlroy (Bluffton, SC)
"My Side Of The Tumpter Family" by Julia Sennette
"Sweet Tooth" by Miranda Cox
"Unseen" by Mark Jackson
"Faith" by Edward B. Farber (St. Louis, MO)
"In His Image" by Joel Shulkin (Tampa, FL)
"L.A. Siren" by Scott Archer Jones
"Mama's Elegant Solution" by Jayne M. Adams (Beaufort, SC)
"Infested" by Elizabeth Story (Scarborough, ME)
"Jets" by Randy James (Beaufort, SC)
"Purple On Asphalt" by Carol-Ann Rudy (Spartanburg, SC)
"Etched In Stone" by James Ridout (Providance, RI)
"First Date" by John Newlin (Wilmington, DE)
"Funerals, Salads, And Life Lessons" by Loretta Gorman
"Grandpa" by Benjamin W. Farley
"Afternoon" by Julia Sennette
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