The Short Story America Prize  
CONGRATULATIONS to the authors of the following stories in the superb competition for the 2018 Short Story America Prize for Short Fiction. Once again the quality of the short fiction was top notch. The winners, finalists and a number of selected Honorable Mention stories will be published in Volume Seven of the Short Story America anthology series, due out in September of 2021. Kudos to the fine writers honored here:

"The Almond Tree" by Lawrence Buentello (San Antonio, TX)

"A Glitch in Time" by Doris Wright, (Beaufort, SC)

"We Live Here" by Jarrett Kaufman (St. Louis, MO)


"1922 No D" by Scott Woods (New Haven, CT)
"Our UFO" by John Engell (San Francisco, CA)
"Fog" by Jean Rover (Salem, OR)
"The Fairy House" by Katie Piccirillo Sherman (Charlotte, NC)
"Life List" by Ray Morrison (Winston-Salem, NC)
"A Practical Woman" by Ginny Hall-Apicella (Beaufort, SC)
"Monkey Mountain" by Kali VanBaale (Bondurant, IA)
"New World" by Scott Woods (New Haven, CT)
"A Burden of Truth" by Tim Ruth (Bluffton, SC)
"Blessing" by Martin McCaw (Walla Walla, WA)
"Of Half Houses, with Vernon" by Gregg Cusick (Durham, NC)
"Separation" by Steve Rosenfeld (New York, NY)
"The Custodian" by John MacIlroy (Bluffton, SC)
"The Tanner Graves" by Douglas Campbell  (Point Marion, PA)
"The Search for St. Francis" by Lawrence Buentello (San Antonio, TX)
"The Token Collector" by Jayne Adams (Beaufort, SC)
"The Telephone Call" by Morise Robinson (Beaufort, SC)
"What Seasons Bring" by Heather Luby


"The Doctor God Radio Show" by Geoffrey Graves (Laguna Beach, CA)
"The Baby Jesus in Phnom Penh" by Nim Stevens (Phoenix, AZ)
"The Other Girls" by Kathryn Brackett (Spartanburg, SC)
"The Closer" by John  MacIlroy (Bluffton, SC)
"The Workshop" by Martha Weeks (Beaufort, SC)
"Frau Kaiser's Daughter" by John Engell (San Jose, CA)
"Boilermaker" by Ginny Hall-Apicella
"Did She Say Yes" by Todd Brubaker
"Captain Death" by Susan Humphreys (Tuscon, AZ)
"Death in the Family" by Kevin Harris (Silver Springs, MD)
"Elsie "Peaches" Boulware, Age 69" by Jon Tuttle (Florence, SC)
"McAllister's Asterisk" by John  MacIlroy (Bluffton, SC)
"Gunny" by Robert Fisher (Woodland Hills, CA)
"Hector Ramirez" by Sean Winn (Austin, TX)
"In His Image" by Joel Shulkin (St Petersburg, FL)
"Boilermaker" by Ginny Hall-Apicella
"The No Way Way" by Marjorie E. Brody (Schertz, TX)
"A Solution" by Steve Berg
"Freefall" by Jayne M. Adams (Okatie, SC)
"Hooch Raiders" by Madison Russell (Decatur, GA)
"Left Behind" by Laury Egan (Highlands, NJ)
"Swat!" by Katherine Tandy Brown (Beaufort, SC)
"No Strings Attached" by Philip Hodson (Phoenix, AZ)
"Not Fit for Circus Animals" by Catherine Moore (Nashville, TN)
"Rachel's Dowry" by Nim Stevens (Phoenix, AZ)
"The Stranger with the Salesman's Smile" by John  MacIlroy (Bluffton, SC)
"The Suit" by Jennifer Holt (Raleigh, NC)
"The Trophy" by Morise Robinson (Beaufort, SC)
"This Kind of Heartbreak" by Kathryn Brackett (Spartanburg, SC)
"The Youngest Daredevil" by Geoffrey Graves (Laguna Beach, CA)
"The Cake" by Ann Henderson (Bronx, NY)
"Chitty Kitty" by Cheryl Marlowe (Beaufort, SC)
"The Unrest" by Linda Prince (Spartanburg, SC)
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